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Louver SizesLouver shutters give your house that traditional and unique style many people are looking for. They can be both practical and decorative and can be offered in multiple colours, sizes and designs.

At Poole Creek Shutters we specialize in custom made wooden shutters and arches. We take special orders and will work with you to create the perfect blind or shutter for your home. So if your looking for custom made shutters look no further then Poole Creek Shutters.

Shutter Louver Sizes

There are five different styles of shutter to choose from at Poole Creek Shutters. All of them use the same concept, louver style, the only difference is the size of size of each individual shutter.

Traditional Shutters - 1¾"

This style comes in 1¾" louvers and allows less light to pass through the home and provides plenty of privacy.

California Shutters - 2½ or 3"

This style comes in 2½ or 3" louvers and is the happy medium of all the shutters. They provide plenty of light while open and at the same time don't allow people to view directly into your home.

Traditional Louvre Shutter Plantation Louvre Shutter

Traditional Shutter Style

1 3/4" louvre

Plantation Shutter Style

4 1/2" louvre

Plantation Shutters - 3½"

This style comes in 3½" louvers and provides a big, beautiful statement to any room. The plantation provides maximum light when open and complete privacy when shut.

Plantation Shutters - 4½"

This Style comes in 4½" louvers and is largest shutter offered. Ideal for rooms that need plenty of light these large shutters can be opened to provide your room with a flow of light.

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Shutter Types