Quality Wooden Shutters ...

Specializing in Fixed Louvers, Arches & Rakes

wooden shutterFurniture for Your Windows!
Poole Creek just doesn't build window coverings. We build "furniture for your windows.

Established in 1985, Poole Creek is committed to offering quality wooden shutters... shutters that provide the same investment and feel that a quality piece of furniture adds to your home or business.

Quality Wood, Quality Shutters
Each shutter is handcrafted in our Birken shop which is located just north of Whistler & Pemberton, BC.

Owner/operator Ron Van Den Hogen provides interior & exterior shutter applications. With a commitment to quality products & service, you deal directly with the owner and manufacturer of your shutters. Ron's commitment to quality products and service is your assurance of a proven return on your investment.

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Window ShutterDid You Know? Consumers invest in wooden shutters like furniture.

Poole Creek Shutters are built to exacting standards. A Poole Creek Shutter is an investment in your home or business.